The Secure Line’s cast of regular contributors are security policy experts, on-the-ground practitioners with global experience, and political professionals.

Anthony (Tony) Johnson, is a national security and foreign policy professional, US Navy veteran, person of color, and proud gay Jedi representing a broader perspective on the intersection of diversity, inclusion, and international security.

Alexandra (Alex) Bell is a former State Department official with a background in public and Congressional affairs and the only WMD policy expert to ever come out of Tuxedo, North Carolina, probably.

Alexandra (Xander) Meise, is an international lawyer, educator, SCOTUS and monster-movie watcher, currently serving as an Of Counsel at the law firm MSK and teaching International Human Rights Law at Georgetown Law.

Caitlin Howarth designs mass atrocity early warning systems at Harvard Humanitarian Initiative, builds social impact start-ups as cofounder of Aulenor Consulting, nerds out on tech, and when it comes to politics, she was born this way.

Matthew Fay is Director of Defense and Foreign Policy Studies at the Niskanen Center, a PhD student in the political science program at George Mason University’s Schar School of Policy and Government, and a perpetually disappointed football fan.

David Solimini is a consultant on persuasion and policy in national security and foreign affairs, helping public figures and organizations understand and communicate critical issues — all while drinking far too much beer coffee.

Rebecca Zimmerman is a student of unintended consequences specializing in US military operations, and the anxious owner of a new dog.